Let’s get Fit!

Hellloooo! It’s #fitnessfriday which I know a lot of you were excited about. Let me start out by saying, I am NOT an expert on fitness or nutrition. I am very new to the fitness world and I’m still figuring everything out! I use fitness as an outlet for my mental health. It makes me feel good! @juliealedbetter inspired me to start honoring my body with movement every day. Whether that be a workout, a walk, or parking farther away. I no longer see working out as a chore, I see it as something that helps my body. You would be surprised how much that mindset shift can change your entire composition.

Today, I wanted to explain my current split. I try to go to the gym at least 5 times a week. (Obviously life happens and sometimes it’s less) That’s ok! I currently do two leg and glute days, two arms and back, and one day dedicated to cardio 

You may be wondering where abs fit in. I always complete ab exercises at the end of my workout. Abs recover quickly, so you can work them every day! Abs also come from the kitchen, and while doing ab exercises definitely develops them, nutrition is crucial. (More on this next week) I will make a post that focuses solely on my ab exercises real soon.

My exercise is being performed with heavier weight because I have consistently increased weight over the past 3 months. If you are just starting, you can use less weight with more reps! My rule of thumb: if I can complete 12 reps of any weighted exercise, I increase the weight. 

-Deadlift 4×4

-Leg press (highest weight possible, until failure)

-Split Squats (These can be performed on a bench. I use 15 lb weights in each hand) 8 each leg.

-hip thrusts with barbell (these are hard, I can usually only do 10 or so)

-banded glute bridges (Until failure)

-banded lying leg raises (20 each leg)

-banded donkey kicks (10 each leg)

-banded sumo squats (until failure)

-kettlebell swing (until failure)

That’s it! The key part of weight training is steadily increasing weight and surprising your body. I hope y’all liked this fitness Friday.

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