Let’s Chat about Nutrition…


Took a couple days off to focus on family, but I’m back to bring you a belated fitness Friday (on Saturday) 

Let’s chat about nutrition. This topic is so polarizing in the fitness community. Here’s my take: eat what you want, in moderation. I know…crazy. Yes, I eat carbs. Yes, I eat fats. Yes, I eat chocolate!! The methods I follow are called “intuitive eating” and “If it fits your macros.” I want it to be made known that I am in no way a nutritionist. This is just works for me! Intuitive eating is eating only when you’re hungry, and macro counting is getting a number (in grams) about how many carbs, fats, and protein you should consume in a day for your body and activity level. Scientifically speaking, you should lose weight and tone up while eating this way. Sometimes I go over my macros, and that’s OK! You won’t gain 10 pounds in a day, or even a week. That will only happen if you consistently go over macros with poor food choices. I hope this has been helpful, keep in mind, results vary for everyone.

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