September 19th Website Illustration

Hello all! For this week, we were asked to draft what our website may look like. Here is a sample of what I’m thinking for my first four pages. During this process, I realized a lot goes into a website. The lines need to be straight, the colors need to match well, and you above all, you need good content. I did learn that making a draft and mapping out my website gave me a better idea of my vision. This excites me as I feel like I have a clear plan in place now. In the video this week, there were some tips listed to help with the organization of a website.

Tip #1: “Your homepage is the window to your brand and to your content.” I agree with this statement. If your homepage is bland and uninviting, why would anyone want to see the rest of your work>

Tip #2: You don’t necessarily need lots of “flash.” This is true. While some websites warrant more flashy images, clear and clean layouts and colors attract an audience as well.

Tip #3: “You should have some engagement media on your homepage.”

Tip #4: “Think of your website homepage in sections.” Doing so will help your readers. Too much jumble and they will get lost. This will lead to lower engagement.

Tip #5: Have a place where viewers can immediately put their information in. This tip is why I decided to add a Q & A box to my contact page. Interacting with your readers is crucial to your website’s success.


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